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Benefits of integration between CRM and Automation Marketing
Integrating a Infusion Soft Login CRM with automation marketing actions is one of the best decisions a company can make. But beware! When we talk about integration, we are not only referring to the integration of certain tools that we already use.

We have to know that the most important thing will be the integration of the marketing and sales teams so that together they achieve the greatest number of business opportunities and high engagement with current customers.

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Brief introduction to Infusion Soft Login CRM systems and marketing automation
A CRM (customer relationship management) is a specific tool within the Business Management Systems and that centralizes all the information generated on the relationship between sales and each of the prospects and clients .

The automation of marketing is to use a number of tools or processes and automate certain actions of our strategies and reach as many people and at the lowest possible cost.

It is common to find in the industrial sector that companies are familiar with Infusion Soft Login CRM tools, but it is not common that they do not see the benefits of automation marketing.

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However, CRMs are not designed to send emails in bulk, nor do they have the necessary analytics to measure the success of such emails. Furthermore, V CRMs do not have the capacity to generate actions in current digital communication channels.

This is where the need arises to integrate our Infusion Soft Login CRM with automation marketing in order to capture, retain and delight both our potential clients and our clients.

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Alliances between Marketing and Sales
There is no doubt the relationship that exists between both departments and the importance of having a productive relationship between them. On the one hand, Marketing is responsible for capturing and providing answers to the common questions of our potential clients with knowledge, information and guidance, and Sales prepares, offers and satisfies the demanded needs .

A joint work of the Marketing and sales team generates more business opportunities
Getting a company's marketing team and sales team in tune is the first step in successfully integrating the tools. A joint strategy will allow us to get new clients and capture a large number of quality leads.

Integrating the marketing and sales team is the first step to successfully integrate the tools.


How to integrate CRM and automated marketing for a company
The integration of both systems will depend on the software provider you work with, both for CRM and for marketing.

If you work with different marketing tools, for example: one for managing social networks, another for sending mass emails , managing the web, etc., it may be a good time to invest in a single tool that centralizes all functions. .

In any case, CRM software usually recommends the marketing tools they work with and can integrate with (and vice versa), so this can be a good starting point.

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One of the best options is to have a complete tool that can satisfy your CRM and marketing automation needs . For example, HubSpot is a complete platform that allows you to centralize your sales, marketing and customer service actions. Under the Inbound methodology , you can optimize and enhance the relationship you have with your clients.

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Advantages of integrating CRM and automation marketing

1. More confidence in the processes
Integration provides having the information on marketing and sales interactions in one place. This feature improves equipment efficiency and increases confidence in structured processes.

2. Agility and time saving in repetitive tasks
Eliminate frustration and boredom by automating tasks that are repetitive and automatable. The sales team does not need to send the same repetitive mail or marketing, it must not export the tedious list of new contacts every week. With a successful integration you will be able to focus on what contributes the most value to the possible client.

3. Complete information on business opportunities
Without a doubt, one of the great benefits of integration is being able to have all the information from centralized customer profiles. You will know their line of interaction with your company, which allows marketing to improve communications and sales to be able to objectively meet the needs of customers.

4. Sales Force: A sales team focused on attacking important leads
The marketing team can focus on results and generate leads ready for purchase. With lead nurturing and automation strategies , marketing will be able to deliver ideal content at every stage a potential customer is, and be able to send qualified contacts to the sales team.

5. Complete monitoring and analysis
Greater control over the actions carried out in marketing and sales makes strategic decisions objective and realistic. We will have all the necessary data to make the right decisions.

As you will see, the benefits of integrating CRM and automation marketing will allow you to maximize resources and improve the business process from capturing a contact to closing the sale. Integration is making customer relationships part of a whole and making the marketing and sales team more productive.