By traveling, you can move to places with a different climate, but what you travel can make you find yourself in a different climate without changing your place of residence.

Combustion of liquid fuels in transport is not only a threat to the climate, but also to the energy security of the country. Poland is 100% dependent on oil imports and 70% on gas imports. Burning crude oil, gasoline or gas, we support mainly the economy of other countries, not our own.

CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSION (passenger transport):

  • Air Transport: 118
  • Road transport: 115
  • Maritime transport: 41
  • Railway transport: 41
  • Metropolises

* grams CO2 / 1 passenger/ 1km

CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSION (freight transport):

  • Road transport: 77
  • Inland transport: 62
  • Railway transport: 22
  • Maritime transport: 14
  • Metropolises

* grams CO2 / 1 ton / 1km