1. The climate is changing

If we do not stop emitting greenhouse gases in such quantity, we will face a catastrophe and a struggle for survival. We can not keep our eyes closed and say that it will be somehow. We are losing ground too quickly under our feet.

2. Poisonous air

Poland is a country of smog – a red island on the map of Europe in terms of air pollution. In many places this pollution can be bigger than in Beijing. Burning coal, oil and gas damage not only our planet – but also itself.

3. Conscious consumption

There are more and more of us, and our needs and whims are growing fast. We quickly consume and throw away – up to 3.5 million. tons of waste per day. Each thrown object is a waste of valuable energy – which contributes to climate change. It’s our daily choices that decide if the garbage dumps will continue to grow. The future is a closed-loop economy, where instead of being discarded, we will re-use them.

4. Wind energy

Energy – it’s thanks to it that we change the world. Without it, we would not be able to function – economy and transport would stop in place, and we would not have anything to eat and where to live. Available resources of oil, coal and gas on which we have built our civilization will soon be over. To protect ourselves from a catastrophe, we need new solutions. The energy revolution seems almost necessary.

5. Energy from the sun

Summer 2015 – during hot weather water in Wisła ran out to cool coal-fired power plants. “Polish black gold” has been our pride and source of wealth for years. But the coal age is coming to an end, the time is coming for new, renewable energy sources.

6. Energy in our homes

Technologies and facilities that our grandparents did not dream about became something obvious to us. Air conditioning, cars, airplanes and other electronic novelties, without which we can not imagine life today, require a large amount of valuable energy.

7. Alternative transport

The car, the object of dreams for older generations. He gave freedom and freedom to travel hundreds of kilometers. But today more and more often means confinement in traffic jams, exhaust stench and poisonous smog over cities. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way.

8. Poisoning? Pay!

Global warming is a fact. Once we heard, we only heard about the melting of glaciers somewhere far away, in the Arctic. We believed that this is not our problem, but the consequences of climate change are becoming more and more tangible. We feel them here and now.

9. The end of coal

When we are young, we feel immortal – we do not think about the consequences of our actions. It is only with age that we understand that a suitable lifestyle is beneficial for us. We take care of ourselves. And whether as a humanity, we have grown up to take care of the planet on which we live?

10. Food revolution

Life consists of small activities and small choices – these are simple decisions that affect the condition of our planet. Which products we buy, where they come from and how much we need them is of great importance. If you want to change the world – start with yourself. Do not throw away food. * 2: 18 The “Good” cooperative is a food and non-agricultural cooperative.