Project activities

The project includes the construction and testing of a prototype Urban Wind Power Station – a generator set based on a modular, cylindrical wind turbine with a self-guiding system for optimal capture of air stream energy for electricity production, with automatic energy collection and storage as well as fastening systems, as well as guidance educational activities to raise public awareness of climate change and opportunities to mitigate these changes.

Activities will be carried out in several stages:

I. PREPARATORY WORK: development of projects and documentation (design and implementation) for the construction of a prototype (including an innovative wind turbine coupled with a power generator) with 5 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW in min. 2 versions differing in the characteristics of a wind generator , including systems for adaptation to the facility’s power supply network, fixing systems and automation of work control. At this stage, a catalog of air streams forced by human activity in urban space will also be created, and assembly and connection permits will be obtained.

II. CONSTRUCTION OF PROTOTYPES: construction of wind turbines, diffusers and mounts and their assembly in a modular generator set with 5kW, 10kW, 20kW power as a complete set with automatic control, mechanical fastening systems and auto-guidance of the wind engine for maximum air flow as well as reception and storage current.

III. INITIAL – PARTIAL TESTS: performing electrical and mechanical tests of all prototype nominal power models in order to synchronize a wind turbine with a mechanical generator and a current generator in electrical terms as well as optimization of these processes. Choosing the optimal model in every power variant, preparing for them documentation necessary for the assembly of prototypes and monitoring systems.

IV. REAL TESTS: monitoring of all prototype variants in real conditions (after mounting on or inside selected objects) in the tested locations and development of test results and preparation of presentations.

V. PROJECT PROMOTION AND EDUCATION: in the field of renewable energy – effective access to legislative authorities, local governments, entrepreneurs, potential device manufacturers and direct recipients. The effect of the actions is to be understanding the problem and commercialization of the Urban Wind Power Station device.