Aim and description of the project

The project aims to confirm the effectiveness and potential of the innovative Urban Wind Power Station generator and to show the possibility of using the energy of air streams forced by human activity in the urban space as a new renewable energy source, transformed into cheap electricity.

The project includes the construction and testing of the Urban Wind Power Station prototype – a generator set based on a modular, cylindrical wind turbine with a self-guiding system for optimal energy capture of the air stream, for the production of electricity, with automatic energy collection and storage and with fastening systems.
The informational and educational objective of the project is to increase public awareness regarding the relationship between the production of non-emission dispersed energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions and the impact of this dependence on the mitigation of climate change. Education will be addressed to decision makers at various levels, entrepreneurs, local government officials, Technology Transfer Centers and prosumers.
Urban Wind Power Station can become an important element in the process of reducing CO2 emissions in urban space in Poland and in Europe, which is in line with the EU directives and the main objective of the climate and energy package Europe 2020.


Project coordinator
Anna Niewodzka -Prezes Zarządu
Fundacji Wspierania Ekologii ECO FOR LIFE