The sale of the Urban Wind Power Station has started!



We invite you to a series of webinars and a discussion about the possibilities of slowing down climate change and the necessary actions


Urban Wind Power Station

at Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club


Renewable Energy Sources


Global Warming

1 project – our new information spot

International conference – project

LIFE-UrbanWind. PL

Pilot installation,

compact generator set …

… using forced air streams in urban areas.

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The project implemented by the Foundation for Supporting Ecology ECO FOR LIFE, and other clients: Institute of Research, Applied Science and New Technologies sp. Zo.o, Adorea sp. z o.o. and Gromar sp. z o. o.

Instalations – Urban Wind Power Station

Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG2
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG3
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG4
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG5
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG6
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG7
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG8
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG9
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG10
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG11
Urban Wind Lokalizacje ENG12





23- 25 September 2022
The Urban Wind Power Station received the Fair Award in the INNOVATION category.


23- 25 September 2022
We would like to invite you to the 60th International Construction Fair and to the “Instal System 2022” Fair where we present the Urban Wind Power Station.


20-22 September 2022
We are participating with Urban Wind Power Station in the International Exhibition of Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals Technology, Materials and Products ALUMINIUM & NONFERMET during the Industrial Autumn at the Trade Fair in Kielce .


13-15 September 2022
We presented Urban Wind Power Station at the 35th Bielsko Biala International ENERGOTAB Trade Fair in Bielsko Biala.


10-11 September 2022
At the Renewable Energy Fair in Gliwice Urban Wind Power Station awarded for Innovation !!!


25-26 May 2022
We participated in the SOLAR ENERGY EXPO International Trade Fair.



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