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Oncourse Connect

More and more educational centers are deciding to implement school management software. If you are still not clear about the advantages of using a Oncourse Connect school management program in your center, in this article we explain well what school management software is, what it is for and how it can help improve the daily management of a school studies.

What is a Oncourse Connect school management software?
It is an educational ERP or a program that helps integrate the different management areas within a training center: the billing , financial, accounting and administrative area, the communication and customer service area, the school's school organization , the rating systems, etc.

In summary, Oncourse Connect is a  software designed to unify the different areas of management of the center in order to make a more efficient and coordinated management of all the departments necessary for the proper functioning of a school.

What is school management software for?
The different areas necessary for the school management of a center can benefit from the integration of a school management program:

Administrative and billing management area: A program of this type allows you to configure a periodic payment schedule (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.), maintain full control over pending receipts, have access to management reports, manage the treasury of the center, etc.
Academic management area : These types of programs offer functions such as a schedule generator, a report card generator, the possibility of managing the official documentation required by the regional governments or even managing extracurricular activities. Teachers for example can enter grades, crear and evaluate partials, create entries on the class board, keep an exhaustive control of class attendance and incidents, manage tutorials, do a detailed academic follow-up by student and by subject. Parents of students can monitor the student by consulting the, the date of the partials and the grades, check attendance and class incidents, request tutoring, check class schedules, etc.
Communications Area: In the communication area, Oncourse Connect management software for educational centers allows for fluid and effective communication between all parties. It makes it possible to create shipments with different senders in compliance with the data protection law. These shipments can be from emails, SMS or push communications to the App. The Secretary of the Center can publish a calendar of the center, communicate all kinds of notices and news that appear automatically in the public area of ​​the App for students and families, etc. .
Advantages of using a  Oncourse Connect school management software
Significant time savings in administrative tasks such as billing, receipt collection, enrollment in extracurricular activities, route management, dining, class lists or mass communications.
An improvement in communication with families by providing a modern means of communicating with families via the web or mobile app, which allows mass but personalized communication.
A good vehicle to facilitate families requesting interviews with teachers, in which parents can choose between all possible hours. Facilitating the modification or cancellation.
It allows better monitoring of collections and defaults.
It allows to make treasury, bank and monthly and annual budget forecasts.
It provides teachers with an agile tool to monitor the classroom by sharing information with families and the school's head of studies.
It improves the management of the official documentation of the center quickly and safely, adapted to the latest changes in legislation.
It facilitates immediate communication by allowing the center's agenda, any news or notice to be easily published through the web or app.
They help to have an effective school planning thanks to the use of tools such as the schedule generator that allows you to choose between several options, enter all kinds of variables and automatically publish said schedule for the entire educational community.
In short, the use of management software for schools saves management time for all staff, also means significant economic savings by improving and unifying management and allowing better decisions to be made for the center.

Oncourse Connect is one of the best school management software on the market. Ask for more information without obligation.