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amazon force

You would like to work at Amazon , but not know how to send your CV to access their job offers . We tell you what steps you have to take to have a job at Amazon, what jobs it offers or how much an Amazon employee charges.

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Currently Amazon is one of the companies that generates the most jobs in Spain. In addition, the online sales giant generates jobs indirectly, such as Amazon flex .

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1 How to work at Amazon
2 What jobs does Amazon offer in Spain?
3 Jobs on Amazon
3.1 Madrid
3.2 Barcelona
3.3 Seville
3.4 Illescas
4 Send Resume to Amazon
How to work at Amazon
Next, we will tell you how to start working at Amazon and what steps you have to take to access their job offers .

To enter to work in the Amazon logistics centers you can follow the following steps:

Enter the Amazon Job Spain website here .
Select the logistics center where you want to work, you have between ( Illescas, El Prat de Llobregat, Martorelles and San Fernando de Henares )
After selecting the profile we want, a window will appear indicating the requirements to apply for the job at Amazon. If we agree, click Accept and the continue button.
Now it is time to log in to the Amazon job portal , if we are not registered we can do it by clicking on the button below "Register here"
After registering you can log in. You will see a window where you can sign up for the desired job offer and where you can send your resume to Amazon .
What jobs does Amazon offer in Spain?
Amazon offers a wide variety of jobs, so we can choose between the option that we like the most within their range of work. Among the jobs we can highlight: warehouse clerks, delivery people, carriers, customer service, engineers, community managers, hardware and software developers, among other jobs.

But not only does Amazon offer work for others. Also, we can work with Amazon independently ( Amazon flex ) or work from home with Amazon .

Jobs on Amazon
If you are looking for a job on Amazon , then we leave the latest job offers published by the online sales giant. If you are interested or interested in one, you just have to click on it. Remember that job offers are renewed periodically so we recommend that you visit our website to stay up to date with new job offers published by Amazon Spain .

If you want to work at Amazon Madrid , we tell you that you have the option of working well in their logistics centers (San Fernando de Henares) or working as a freelance delivering packages with Amazon Flex. In addition, in Madrid are the offices and their headquarters so you can also choose to work in Customer Service, administrative, accounting, community manager or similar.

If you reside in Catalonia and want to Work at Amazon Barcelona, ​​you have the option of working in a large logistics center in El Prat de Llobregat .

In Seville there is another point of the transport and logistics network of this company, if you are looking for a job in Seville you can apply for a job here.

The Logistics Center of Amazon Illescas is located in Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha), currently the company is looking for warehouse clerks for its facilities and the companies that manage these vacancies are the temporary employment agencies Adecco and Manpower.

Send Resume to Amazon
Above we have told you how to access job offers and the steps you have to follow to get your CV to Amazon . Remember that before submitting or uploading your resume, review it and add any information that is relevant or of special interest to the company.

Amazon is the largest online sales distributor, with more than 50,000 employees worldwide, so we can say that working at Amazon becomes a way to have a stable and quality job. Also, remember that it offers us different possibilities to work with them, such as working with Amazon from home , working autonomously with Amazon flex or working in one of the many logistics centers that it has spread throughout Spain. Do you need anything else?